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Horizons are 360 degrees...not just line of sight.

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CV Excerps

  • Computer Graphics

    All I need is the imagination to do strange and wonderful things with computer graphics. If programming languages have come a long way, there is no comparison to what they do with computer graphics these days. One of my "Links" above will take you to a gallery of current artists who have let their imaginations loose.

    Complete CV - Graphics

  • Illustration

    I can thank my mentor, Richard Oden (Illustration department at CSU, Long Beach) for showing me the wonders of paper textures, air brush, pen and ink, charcoal, other graphic media. He was kind enough to work with Dr. Eunice Wood for our collaboration of my master's thesis on shark tapeworms. It was during this time I started wondering if we could get computers to deal with biological serial sections. I did not know it at the time, but I was treading on, "scanning and digitizing..." - not yet possible at that time.

    Complete CV - Illustration

  • Medical Career

    I've always been interested in medicine, starting in elementary school. Science fairs, projects...typical stuff many teenagers go through. I started High School knowing I would end up going to a college that included a medical school. That opportunity came about when I was accepted by the University of Florida (Go Gators!) as a pre-medical student. Things went well until an unfortunate family event occurred that prompted me to drop out of school and join the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman in the Fleet Marines. Although later when I ended up doing a year at Irvine Medical school, I have the Navy to thank for the bulk of my medical training and experience. There's nothing like a little field action to bring things into perspective.

    Complete CV - Medical

  • Educational Career

    I suspect there are those that would consider me one of, "those perpetual students." With the military side-step, I ended up in school for 16 years, including the time in service (Fortran classes for UC, San Diego). After my Masters degree in Biology, I considered going for some type of doctorate. But I came to the conclusion that a Ph.D. would simply put me in a small box with all the specialization that entailed. So I went for my second Masters degree, this time in Bio-Medical Illustration. A whole new world...

    Complete CV - Education

  • Programming

    Computer languages have always fascinated me. After one learns the basic building blocks of IF-THEN-ELSE, AND-OR, and YES-NO, any language is 'do-able' - they even have similar formats, just different syntax. The newer 'object oriented' programming simply uses 'wrappers' for their logic constructs. What they do these days is far beyond the initial programming environments, and still blows me away. Although I started in medicine, then to Illustration, computers turned out to be the stepping stone to my current love.

    Complete CV - Programmer-Analyst

  • ASL Sign Language

    During High School, I was a life guard at a local pond in my neighborhood in Massachusets. The other guard had a younger brother who was deaf; my fascination with sign language was born. While stationed at the Great Lakes during corpsman training, I met a really nice person who was also deaf. This time I took advantage of their willingness to teach me the basic signs of the alphabet. Years later, while working for the FWC Marine Research Center, I was able to attend USF (2 semester in St. Petersburg, 2 semesters over at the Tampa campus) and 'almost' get my fill of this beautiful language. I doubt I will ever, "get my fill" as I intend to immerse myself as much as possible in the deaf community whereever I may live.

    Complete CV - ASL Sign Language

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