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Curriculum Vitae - Medical Portion


During my two-year Naval medical training, after rotating through all surgical areas, I specialized in Cardiovascular and Neurosurgical procedures, including heart bypass procedures.

After my training, I was assigned to a MILPHAP team working out of the Philippines. I was also assigned as an 'Independent Duty Corpsman' on a Destroyer for six months prior to the MILPHAP assignment.

During this time, I served as the Corpsman assigned to a SCUBA dive team on the Destroyer Tender, USS Samuel Gompers, as well as the Corpsman in charge of sick call..

Although I passed the requirements to E6, and an assignment to the Navy Seal Team, I made one of those 'kid' errors and decided I didn't want to put in an additional 4 years in service. Ah, how time has a different perspective at this end of the time-line.

I was accepted to Irvine Medical School, and attended for one year. I earned good grades but decided I was unwilling to accept the responsibility of patient care. If someone contacted me at 1:00 in the morning with a problem, I was unable to tell them to take an aspirin and make an appointment with my office the next day. I would have to go out and see them right then. When they had the problem. Another (of many) mistakes on my part.

Physician's Assistant

Plastic Surgery. After designing and setting up an on-site operating suite, I was the first assistant (surgical) for assisting Dr. Bruce Connell, MD (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), along with patient pre- and post-operative care.

U. S. Navy

My medical training, other than on-the-job, was through the U.S. Navy Corpsman series, with surgical emphasis at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. My Class 'A' school covered the following basic education in patient care:

Anatomy and Physiology

Nursing and Nursing Procedures

Prevention and Control of Disease

Pharmacology and Toxicology


Nuclear Warfare Defense (Physical and Medical considerations)

Chemical Agents

Biological Warfare Defense

My Class 'B' school:

Training specific to the surgical arena and covered the following areas:

Other Experiences