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Curriculum Vitae - Computer and Programming Portion

IMS Programmer / Systems Analyst:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI), Center for Spatial Analysis, St. Petersburg, FL, Shane Collier, Supervisor, (727) 896-8626, xt. 2030.

Internet Map Server (IMS) programmer For Windows NT and Windows-based solutions, using Microsoft's standard ActiveX architecture and .NET technology. Programming services includes complete customization and implementation of web sites using IMS technology. I have proven experience implementing state-of-the art web-based mapping systems for Internet and Intranet, and have a number of IMS sites for FWRI in operation (GAME, DLE, FWLI, InfOasis, Facilities, GIS Web Liaison, MRGIS, EAGIS, GeoIndexer) using a combination of C++, C#, Visual C++, HTML, Java Scripts, and Visual Basic (Visual Studio).

Map types include static, dynamic, distributed, realtime, interactive, and analytic, with expertise in both Server (Java scripting, Oracle spatial database, SDE, and ESRI ArcIMS) and Client side technologies (Java and Python scripting, events support, network requests, DOM support using DHTML, Ajax, SVG, VML, SOAP, REST and various web browser plugins).

Tools used include ArcGIS (Catalog, Globe, Map, Reader, Scene, Desktop Administrator), ArcIMS (Administrator, Author, Designer), and ArcView (GIS, Import, PortMap, Projection, RPCInfo, Shape converter, Raster to Grid, Point to Arc), Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Flash Pro, Fireworks), Cold Fusion, Carrara 5 (volumetric models), .NET technologies, and MS Active Directory.

System support includes Server Maintenance dealing with installation and upgrades of servers: Ocean (Internet server), Atoll (Internet and fail-over Server), Pond (Intranet testing), Puddle (intranet development), Longleaf and Cypress (Intranet servers), using various version of Windows OS, Java SDK, Apache Jakarta, and IIS. I have installed and migrated new IMS servers for the section. Experience includes storage and backup equipment, database management.

As the POC for FWRI, I have been the project coordinator for EAGIS and GeoIndexer, contract systems from The Timmons Group. I am responsible for cross-division communications in my areas of expertise between various agencies, including NOAA, DEP, and SRI. I am the section's SharePoint programmer dealing with Intra- and extra-net sites of information, including our internal GIS User's Forum and our external CSA websites at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

Project manager for EAGIS (Environmental Analysis GIS), MRGIS (Marine Resources GIS), TRGIS (Terrestrial Resources GIS), FWLI (Florida Wildlife Legacy Intiative), GAME (Geospatial Assessment of Marine Ecosystems), FKNMS_WQPP (Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Water Quality Project), NOAA_Acropora (Corals national database), and Coral_Geodatabase (Corals national database). See "My Web Sites" above.

I am responsible for providing introductory training to new members of our team, and am a staff supervisor. Responsible for creating system documentation from scratch (ie, system documentation never created prior to my employment).

I am a DRT Volunteer for the State Emergency System (SERT), Chip Leavine, Chief.

Marine Mammal Pathology Lab Assist with marine mammal necropsy, parasite recovery and Identification, fitness evaluations of stranded manatees (Lowry Park Zoo), rescue of stranded manatees.

Software Engineer / Instructor

Self-employed/owner/CEO. Supervision of 5 staff.
Design and development of custom software systems and applications. Responsible for analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, user training, implementation, and maintenance of computer applications; generation of system/sub-system flowcharts and diagrams (Warnier-Orr); time and cost analysis; design and generation of reference manuals; Project Manager for analysis, installation, training and PIER of network systems; identification of work-flow characteristics, Data Processing Methodologies. Responsible for the Design and Development of Novell Networks; Systems Integration. Experience includes: micro-computer, UNIX, CITRIX 3.5, and mainframe systems involving statistics, database management, design and development, spreadsheets, project management, graphics, word processing, telecommunication, operating systems, networks, and office automation. Responsible for the design, programming, and testing of automated systems.

Involved with the development of animation systems for environment, accident, or situation reconstruction using Poser, Bryce, Carrara, AMAPI Pro v7, Photoshop (Creative Suite v3), Corel Draw, Painter v8, 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave, VUE Infinite, and Caligari's TrueSpace.

Mainframe detail:

REXX, EXEC2, EXEC, ISPF, PROFS, PASF, OfficeVision, DW/370, Word Perfect/370, CLISTs, CICS, SCRIPT, COBOL, FORTRAN, JCL, and Software AG's ADABAS DBMS, and NATURAL language; SQL; Oracle; DB2/iManage; WebSphere, 4300 series (CMS) maintenance and support, 370 OS/MVS, FILEAID, ABENDAID, VSAM, and Warnier-Orr structures.

UNIX Detail:

UNIX, UNIX System Administration, Bourne Shell Programming, C Shell Programming, C programming, levels 1 and 2, and System Calls; UUCP, TCP/IP, Relational Database development; Red Hat Linnux, Apache.

Other computer systems:

Prime, DEC, Hewlett-Packard, and NEXT.

Micro-computer Detail:

Currently using: ESRI's ArcCAD/View/ArcDesk, Sharepoint, Vue, Carrara, Poser, Maya, and Lightwave, AMAPI Pro, Animation Professional Studio, SQL, DreamWeaver, Visual Studio, Adobe Creative Suite v5 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, etc.), Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, Visio, Excel, Access (WINDOWS), TeamViewer 7, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Acronis Imaging, Camtasia Studio, various Python versions, and System Mechanic Pro.

(Teach and use) BTRIEVE, C++ Database Development, SQL language structures, C and C++ Graphics Programming, C++ and C Programming (DOS and Windows) - System Calls, 8086/80386 Assembly, Windows overview, Windows Application Development, Visual BASIC, Word (DOS and WINDOWS), Word Perfect (DOS and WINDOWS), Word Perfect Office, Corel Draw (WINDOWS), Ventura (WINDOWS), PageMaker (WINDOWS), Compel, cc:Mail, NS3, cc:Gateway, Crosstalk and Script, ProComm and Script, Expert Systems, dBase III, dBase IV, Paradox, Oracle, DB2, Desktop Publishing Overview, DOS series, Hard Disk Management, Introduction to Data Processing, Introduction to Microcomputers, Introduction to LANs, LAN Basics, MS Active Directory, Norton Utilities, PC Trouble Shooting, Printers, Quick BASIC, REXX, Q&A, Right Hand Man II, SIMPC, Ventura (GEM), Word Perfect 5.1, Word Perfect Office for Netware, KEDIT Editor, X Window Systems Programming, Java Scripting, Perl, HTML, XML, DreamWeaver, Macromedia's Director and Flash, Visio, Autodesk's AutoCAD, AutoCAD Light (Windows version), Generic CADD, and Crystal Topas Professional.

Network Detail:

Novell Advanced Netware, levels 1.x through 6.x, SFT levels 1 and 2, installation, configuration, PIER, maintenance and administration, security definitions and maintenance methodologies; Systems Integration. CNA / CNE certifications.

One of the few "outside" vendors permitted both telecommunication and security access to Teale Data Center, the largest data center operated by the State of California; class/course development.

Contracts with the following vendors as a principal of Hogue-Kiermaier & Sons:

Systems Integrator

California Department of Parks and Recreation, OHMVR Division, state field offices. The scope of this project included field office LAN installation and configuration, automation development, systems integration, network maintenance and growth, and the development of their WAN for over 2,000 employees state-wide of OHMVR field staff. The benefits allowed access to documents from headquarters; email communications; shared schedules, document tracking with file archives on network.

Project had a budget of $1,000,000; HKS came in under budget at $945,000. Project completed on time.

Systems Integrator

California State University, Sacramento, Department of Computers. The scope of this project included Novell network design and expand topology to 6 other buildings on campus; increase size of campus network; 140 users; provide/maintain project timeline and oversee implementation performed by staff and students of the university of the installation and configuration, automation development, systems integration, network maintenance and growth plan, and the development of department WAN.

Project had a budget of $1,200,000. Benefits received included staff and students able to access university's mini-computer systems; provided greater access to more people on university system. This project completed on budget and on time.

Systems Integrator

California Department of Parks and Recreation, Administrative Division, Sacramento. The executive branch understood and recognized the benefits and productivity realized by the OHMVR division and elected to connect all park units to headquarters in the same fashion. The scope of this project for the Administrative division included installing cables between multiple floors in high-rise building; installation of necessary Novell servers, routers and hubs for the network to increase staff productivity, to share data, to save paper cost. The additional benefits realized was to allow users to share contracts and other common documents. HKS developed the state-wide WAN infrastructure and project management timeline, as well as the project management that was implemented cooperatively by park IT staff and HKS.

This project was done with a budget of $1,600,000.00 with an estimated savings of $700,000.00 annually in paper cost, productivity, current data access, and communications between headquarters, department heads, office support staff, park rangers, park staff. This project came in under budget by $80,000.00. Project completed after a 2-month delay due to Parks Administrative issues.

Systems Integrator

Local Union 447, used in a consultant capacity to advise on procurement and installation of a Novell network and Trust Fund Tracking system.

Systems Integrator

California Department of Parks and Recreation, OHMVR Division, Sacramento Headquarters with 125 users. Scope of this project was to design and implement a Novell LAN for administrative offices, including the installation and development of their GIS system (early ESRI ArcCAD product). This project was fully designed and implemented by HKS with staff consisting of 2 members. Benefits included email communications (versus paper correspondence), GIS team able to share data and documents, office staff supplied with Microsoft Office Suite (with training), and an office-wide schedule established.

Project was budgeted at $500,000 and was completed on time. Estimated savings of $300,000 annually by increasing user productivity and decreasing paper usage, better document tracking and file archives on network for common access.

Systems Integrator

Sacramento Theater Group. Janey Potts, 446-7501, Scope of project included Novell network installation and maintenance; database development; office automation for 30 office and backstage staff; to provide LAN allowing staff access to shared email, documents, schedules; graphic applications for both marketing and production (stage layout).

This project was fully implemented by HKS with a budget of $150,000; project completed on time. Cost savings not calculated.


SMUD (916) 732-5157; Courses taught include Mainframe PROFS and DW/370.

Systems Integrator

Sacramento Opera Association. Janey Potts, 446-7501, Scope of project was for Novell network installation and maintenance for 12 office staff to provide email and business tools for admin office; mailing list for subscribers; scheduling.

Project budget was $50,000. Cost savings not calculated.


Teale Data Center, (916) 924-2621; Courses developed and taught include Mainframe PROFS, PASF, SCRIPT and DW/370.


ASI; Courses taught include Mainframe Utility Applications such as ISPF, FILE-AID, ABEND-AID, and XPEDITER. Also taught courses in Communications; Systems and Networks; and Local Area Networks.


CDC; Courses include Micro-to-Mainframe Communications; Data Communications: Components, Systems and Networks; Local Area Networks; Data Base Modeling, Analysis and Design; and Understanding MS-DOS.


SEEP / (916) 445-0397; See all courses above...


OTEK, (415) 221-2001 ; Mainframe (OS/MVS system 370) classes presented for the Department of General Services, Office of Management Technology and Planning, State EDP Education Program. Subject material covered Introduction and Advanced Job Control Language, TSO, CLIST, ISPF, telecommunications, office automation, PROFS, PASF, DW/370, SCRIPT.

Consultant / Developer

Office of the State Architect, CA, (916) 445-2360; Scope of this project included a Needs Analysis; database design; development; installation and maintenance. HKS developed a database tracking system to monitor all state buildings (which owned, which leased). Stated purpose was to ensure buildings were in compliance with state requirements regarding inspections, keeping track of deficiencies, when scheduled for correction, etc.

Budget for project was $120,000; completed on budget and on time.

Consultant / Developer

Cherrington Corporation, (916) 457-3040.
Scope included Needs analysis for production and inventory management to keep track of lumber production, as well as installation of a Novell LAN for an administration staff of 20 and 60 mill workers. Estimated cost savings of $35,000 in paper reduction and shared communications.

Budget for project was $80,000; completed on budget and on time.

Consultant / Developer

Allan Henriques, Financial Consultant, (916) 888-0669.
Scope of project included Needs Analysis; Novell network design; procurement; installation and configuration of network, maintenance. We developed a LAN for email and sharing of financial planning software for a staff of 3.

Budget for project was $30,000; project completed on budget and on time.

Consultant / Developer

Darracq & Associates, Financial Advisors, (916) 483-9002.
Scope included Needs Analysis; Novell network design; procurement; installation and definition, maintenance. Developed internal network for email and sharing of financial planning software for staff of 7.

Project was budgeted at $40,000; project completed on budget and on time.

Consultant / Developer

Wagner & Associates, CPA, (916) 782-5004.
Scope included a Needs Analysis; Novell network design; procurement; installation and configuration; maintenance. HKS developed a Novell LAN for email and sharing of financial planning software for a staff of 10, as well as allowing access to accounting software (bookkeeping for other companies and primarily tax returns.)

Project was budgeted for $50,000; project completed on budget and on time.



UCD, (916) 752-7530; Courses taught include Mainframe COBOL, micro-computer Desktop Publishing (Ventura and PageMaker), and Hardware configurations (TCP/IP), UNIX.


Nevada County, California, administrative offices, (916) 265-1340, 42 users. Scope included a Needs Analysis; Novell network design; procurement; installation and configuration, maintenance, as well as consulting services on a database project.

Project was budgeted for $30,000; project completed under budget and on time.


Infectious Disease Unit, Department of Health Services, CA.
The scope of this project was an effort to continue development of the AIDS tracking system for this new office. This included a Needs Analysis; Novell network design; procurement; installation and configuration, and maintenance. During this period, the office of AIDS tracking grew from 3 staff members to a division of over 80 staff. Impact: both improved performance of the AIDS tracking projects and increased productivity for all staff. Converted a paper office to Microsoft Office business software, designed a backup system, and disaster recovery; provided an environment that allowed the state AIDS database to be maintained in-house.

Project was budgeted with $130,000; project completed on budget and on time.

Instructor / Systems Software Specialist

Department of General Services / OMTP / SEEP (916) 445-0397; OS/MVS system 370 classes taught to staff from various state departments. Responsible for the development and maintenance of mainframe technical curriculum; Instructor of both mainframe and micro-computer subjects; Information Center Consultant; private consultant to Center for Disease Control (CDC, Atlanta, Georgia) for automated tracking systems, communicable diseases. Subjects taught included Introduction to Data Processing, Prototyping, Micro-processors, DP for Management, Local Area Networks, Telecommunications, Job Control Language, TSO, CLIST, ISPF, and Data Processing Security. Project Manager for Local Area Network installation; Feasibility Studies.

Programmer-Analyst / Manager / Instructor

Department of Health Services, EDP Branch; Acting DPM I for nine months (37 staff, Public Health); Feasibility Studies; generation of Training Manuals; Programming Supervisor for three years; responsible for the training of new programmers for the branch; in-house trainer for CMS (4300 series), ADABAS database management (NATURAL), Warnier-Orr Structures, File Design, Data Flow Characteristics and Data Processing Methodologies, testing of automated systems, Post-Implementation Reviews (PIER), use of INFO, MUSE, and COBOL.

Programming Supervisor

Responsible for seventeen programmers and 23 Public Health systems. In-house support for IBM 4341 computer.

Project Manager

Microbial Disease Laboratory (MDL) system, Hazardous Waste Management (HWM) tracking, Genetic Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP), and Automated Care Claims (ACLAIMS) system involving wide-area networks across the state; personally developed Califonia's initial AIDS tracking system; gateway to state IBM mainframe system. Responsible for conducting Feasibility Study regarding development and installation of automated systems.

Project Manager / Programmer

Implemented the first on-line system using Software AG's ADABAS DBMS / Natural Language for the Department of Health Services. Assisted with installation of Berkeley PRIME computer. Organizer and co-chair of Berkeley User Group; Liaison Programmer. Active participant in State CITAB committee evaluations. Responsible for analysis and generation of Feasibility Studies regarding automated systems. Command Level CICS programmer for state MED's system. All EDP training provided by the state either through SEEP, on-site training, or off-site vendor classes.