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Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Kiermaier
7960 Apache Drive
Maple Falls, WA 98266


Assistant Research Biologist (Retired)
Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI)
(727) 502-4792
100 Eighth Avenue SE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5020


Thesis: Comparative Morphology of Cestode Holdfast Organs with an Emphasis on the Trypanorhynchann Tentacular System.

Institutions and Degrees:




Computer Training:

ArcGIS Server / Manager; IIS Web Administration using Microsoft .NET framework; Programming with Visual Studio 2008; C++; IIS v6 Administration; JavaScript Programming; HTML and XML; CSS; SharePoint Administration; FlexBuilder-JS API; SAS; Java; Adobe Total Training (Flash, CS5, DreamWeaver, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop); Computer courses (California State University, Long Beach); experimental graphics (CSULB); Intensive Programmer Training (State EDP Education Program) includes: MVS/OS, JCL, system utilities, Warnier-Orr structures, COBOL, testing and Design; Natural (ADABAS vendor); Assembler Language (Sierra); Prime OS (vendor), EXEC/EXEC2/REXX (IBM vendor); CNA (Novell).


Worked with Dr. Murray D. Dailey, California State University, Long Beach, on the identification of parasitic organisms, marine mammals. Principal areas of interest: Elasmobranch parasites; marine mammals and biology; computer-simulated reconstruction and Illustration; computer graphics. Computer graphics special studies.


Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, IMS Programmer / Systems Analys:

For a complete description of job duties, please refer to my complete Programming CV.

Marine Mammal Pathology Lab

Intern, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Marine Mammal Pathobiology Lab, St. Petersburg, FL, Dr. Sentiel Rommel, Director. Assist with marine mammal necropsy, parasite recovery and Identification, fitness evaluations of stranded manatees (Lowry Park Zoo), rescue of stranded manatees.

Realtorę, Broker-Owner, Hogue Kiermaier Residential Brokerage

Software Engineer / Instructor

Self-employed/owner/CEO. Supervision of 5 staff.

Design and development of custom software systems and applications. Responsible for analysis, design, development, documentation, testing, user training, implementation, and maintenance of computer applications; generation of system/sub-system flowcharts and diagrams (Warnier-Orr); time and cost analysis; design and generation of reference manuals; Project Manager for analysis, installation, training and PIER of network systems; identification of work-flow characteristics, Data Processing Methodologies. Responsible for the Design and Development of Novell Networks; Systems Integration. Experience includes: micro-computer, UNIX, CITRIX 3.5, and mainframe systems involving statistics, database management, design and development, spreadsheets, project management, graphics, word processing, telecommunication, operating systems, networks, and office automation. Responsible for the design, programming, and testing of automated systems.

Involved with the development of animation systems for environment, accident, or situation reconstruction using Poser, Bryce, Carrara, AMAPI Pro v7, Photoshop (Creative Suite v3), Corel Draw, Painter v8, 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave, Maya, VUE Infinite, and Caligari's TrueSpace.

Computer details:

For details on languages, programs, or operating systems used or taught, please refer to complete Programming CV.

Contracts with the following vendors as a principal of Hogue-Kiermaier & Sons:

For details on vendors and clients, please refer to complete Programming CV.

Instructor / Systems Software Specialist

Department of General Services / OMTP / SEEP (916) 445-0397.

For details on languages, programs, or operating systems used or taught, please refer to complete Programming CV.

Programmer-Analyst / Manager / Instructor

Department of Health Services, EDP Branch,

For details on languages, programs, or operating systems used or taught, please refer to complete Programming CV.

Systems Analyst

Computer Pathways, Unlimited, Grass Valley, California.


University of Long Beach, California.

To review specifics on Courses taught, please refer to complete Education CV.

Physician's Assistant

Plastic Surgery. After designing and setting up an on-site operating suite, I was the first assistant (surgical) for assisting Dr. Bruce Connell, MD (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), along with patient pre- and post-operative care.

U. S. Navy

My medical training, other than on-the-job, was through the U.S. Navy Corpsman series, with surgical emphasis at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. Please refer to complete Medical CV.

Other Experiences






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